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The Region


Beautiful Balkan village situated on the rocks of Dryanovo Monastery

Kostenkovtsi is a beautiful Balkan village, situated on the rocks of Dryanovo Monastery. Only 10 minutes from Gabrovo, just between the Dryanovo Monastery and the ethnographic complex "Etara", between the reserve Arbanasi and the Architectural reserve Bozhentsi, near the fortress Tsarevets and Sokolski monastery, it is the original unifier of culture, country life and spirituality. The area is rich of natural, cultural-historical and religious sights.

For those coming from Northern Bulgaria - the road is from Veliko Tarnovo-Gabrovo or from Sevlievo - Gabrovo.

For those coming from Southern Bulgaria – the road is through the Shipka pass.

Countless winter and summer ecopaths go through Kostenkovtsi. There are a lot of sights near Kostenkovtsi: the beautiful town of Tryavna, the house of Kolyo Ficheto, Dryanovskoto praskalo, the Bacho Kiro cave, the reserve Arbanassi, Veliko Tarnovo, Dryanovo, Transfiguration, Sokolski, Petropalovski monasteries, the architectural reserve Bozhentsi, the ethnographic complex Etura and many others.

We recommend you to taste our cheese produced in the local dairy "Kostenkovtsi" real product and a delight for the taste !!!

You can also buy real honey from our neighbor, grandfather Krustio to remember the taste of your childhood.

  • Dryanovo monastery

    8 km

  • Bacho Kiro Cave

    8 km

  • Gabrovo and the ethnographic museum "Etara"

    12 km

  • Bozhentzi village

    15 km

  • Tryavna and the craftsmanship street

    24 km

  • Sokolski Monastery

    24 km

  • Veliko Tarnovo

    30 km

  • Tsarevets

    30 km

  • Arbanasi

    33 km


What can you see around

  • Walk to the launch site of para-gliders and delta-planners - perfect for your picnic
  • Ecopath to Dryanovo monastery
  • Walk around the village, picking herbs, sunset walk
By bicycle
  • Riding bikes on local eco trails
  • Cycling to Skalsko village
  • Cycling to Dryanovo, Gabrovo, Etara
By car (up to 10min)
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Mehana "Andaka" Dryanovo Monastery - if you want to try traditional Bulgarian cuisine
  • Dryanovo Monastery and Bacho Kiro Cave
  • Horse riding lessons every day of the week on request

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